Welcome to our campaign!


Why I’m running

Why am I running to be your State Representative in the 53rd District?

Short answer: I’m running for office because I want to return reasonable, responsible representation to the 53rd District, in order to promote strong families, healthy communities, and vibrant opportunities for all residents.

Long answer: I’m running for office because I’m fed up:

~ with politicians who are more interested in listening to their own voice in an echo chamber of agreement than listening to all of their constituents, and crony-based bureaucracies that serve the special interests of their donors instead of the everyday interests of individuals, families, businesses, and communities;

~ with attitudes of privilege and power that justify bigotry, racism, discrimination, hatred, violence, and sexual assault;

~ with the attack on public education that funnels badly needed funds away from students, teachers, and staff, and into the accounts of private corporations and their shareholders;

~ with the lack of willingness to keep our communities and schools safe by enacting reasonable firearm regulation reform, including universal background checks that eliminate the “gun show” and private sale loophole; rigorous requirements for the safe and secure storage of all firearms, especially in homes with children present; and the restriction of high capacity magazines, accessories, and conversion kits that cheaply and easily turn semi-automatic firearms into practical facsimiles of fully automatic weapons;

~ with watching children fail to thrive because we have failed

  • to provide economic policies that strengthen hard working families and communities;
  • to guarantee robust and accessible health care for all;
  • to insure access to high quality educational environments from birth through graduation;
  • to protect children by promoting sensible approaches to the secure storage of firearms;
  • to keep families intact by establishing and adequately funding meaningful programs to address addiction and abuse;

~ I am fed up with what has become business as usual.

As a representative, I will:

~ advocate for vigorous and equitable funding to public and non-profit private schools, and tighter restrictions on, and oversight of, for profit charter schools;

~ fight for equitable economic policies that insure adequate funding for necessary social support programs, community-based intervention services, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and offer small businesses reasonable and fair opportunities to succeed;

~ stand for the right of every resident in Butler County, regardless of socioeconomic background, race, family structure, gender, sexuality, age, religion, or physical ability to have a stable home, excellent and affordable health care, food security, and strong family and community support systems;

~ lead the charge to ensure that every child has a life filled with hope, health, joy, security, and opportunity;

~ And I will listen to and represent every resident of this district, not just the ones who agree with me.


I invite you to support this campaign for change by donating, volunteering, and spreading the word! #flipthe53rd #istandwithbecky


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